Mothers are wildly under-resourced. Raising compassionate, creative children is a public service, but a largely private burden.

Badass mamas reject the celebration of mothers' service and sacrifice without support. We are not martyrs. And if we are heroes, our heroism is communal.

Motherhood is a call to become bigger and better, to be the mothers we want to be and our families deserve. Growing other people demands us to get to know ourselves, grow ourselves, and resource ourselves.

We can't do it alone.


The Badass Mamas circle is a facilitated, developmental, intimate nine-month group of 8 Seattle-area mothers coming together for growth and connection. It's an opportunity to connect a grand vision of who you know you can be with how you show up day to day.

So that you can be the mama you want to be. So that you can be the YOU you’re called to be. 

That’s our work together.

The cost is $2400 made in 8 payments (discount for payment in full).


I'm Jenni Pertuset, a coach for mamas who are answering the call of parenting.

Being a parent is fierce, joyous, tender and often relentless. AND it’s an opportunity to face our monsters and befriend them, to recognize and grow into our power and capacity, and to put our best intentions into action.

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I invite you to join me in the Badass Mamas circle (BAM!)

Badass Mamas opens with a 24 hour retreat (accommodations included), so you can immerse yourself in reflection, connection, and creativity — without distraction. This is our time.

  • We share meals

  • We complete physical and emotional exercises to connect with each other and our own creative, playful selves.

  • We create our big-picture life visions and our first twelve week plans of action, informed by work and rest, creativity and ambition, achievement and play

  • We also map the shape of the world we live in so that we can see what forces are shaping us (often without our consent) so we’re aware of them, can question them, and take deliberate action to navigate them

BAM meets twice a month, in-person, with our entire group so that regular connection and reflection is built in to your daily life. 

  • Meeting are a mix of ritual, metaphor, practical self-discovery & development, transformational exercises, and perspective-shifting conversation

  • Each meeting we grapple with a particular topic — like money, rage, play, grief, parenting, partnership, competing commitments, and emotional and domestic labor — to reveal unconscious influences and make more intentional choices.

Badass Mamas includes one-on-one meetings with each of your fellow Badass Mamas so we get to know each other personally outside the group setting, and informal communal gatherings built right into your schedule each month, where we show up in community.

Badass Mamas closes with 24 hour retreat so you can honor the growth and relationships you've nurtured.

Badass Mamas is a developmental group experience where you can grow your capacities as a person raising people — and develop the community you’ve been craving.

It’s not a parenting class; it’s a mama-growing self-development circle.

Mothers in our culture are often isolated from each other, but we don't have to be. Join a brave and loving circle of strong, confident, powerful Badass Mamas.

Becoming a Badass Mama is rising to the challenge of mothering. It's an heroic, interdependent undertaking of ferocity and tenderness. It’s an uprising of courage and resolve and bottomless love. It keeps us digging deep and showing up. 

That’s the call that Badass Mamas hear, and it's a call we’re answering.

We acknowledge how big we must become to rise up and heed the call. And while we can't make ourselves grow, we can create conditions that allow for the possibility.

As Badass Mamas, we seek growing conditions, and we seek each other.

We come together to play, to grieve, to rage, to work, because our uprising is deeply personal, but it doesn’t happen alone. We gather in all our messy magnificence—wholehearted, broken hearted, open hearted—to be seen, to be big, to belong.

Join your cohort of Badass Mamas for nine months of growing yourself.

BAM! includes:

  • opening retreat and closing retreat, accommodations included

  • twice-monthly group meetings (16 total)

  • monthly informal community gathering (8 total, attend at least 4)

  • self-developmental exercises and activities facilitated by a coach and parent educator

  • tangible support from powerful mamas

  • grand plans and hands-dirty action

This might not be for you if you’re hoping for a group of girlfriends chatting over a glass of wine, or if you're looking for a therapy group. 

But it might be for you if you're ready for an adventure, ready for fierce and courageous companions, ready to face fearsome dragons and befriend them…

...and it’s definitely for you when you're ready to answer the call and become your own hero.

At the end of nine months, you'll have given birth to capacities you didn't know you contained. You'll  move differently in your family relationships; live a bigger life; be connected to your best self; and be held by a genuine community of courageous and caring women.

Welcome, Badass Mama.



  • September overnight opening retreat in the Seattle area

  • Twice-monthly gatherings in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood

  • June overnight closing retreat in the Seattle area

Additional Time Commitment

As well as the opening and closing retreats and twice-monthly circles, the commitment includes:

  • One to two hours following each circle for exercises and reflection

  • Eight one-hour get-togethers, one with each Badass Mama and with me, to begin to get acquainted one-on-one, that you will schedule in the first six weeks. (Please expect it to feel like a significant investment of time to plan and hold 8 meetings in 6 weeks.)

  • A minimum of four two-hour gatherings between October and May for informal mama-led events that suit the style and needs of the organizer. Each participant will schedule one; please plan to attend at least four. It could be a hike, work party, brunch, canning bee — whatever you dream up to nurture yourself and the community.


Sixteen circle gatherings, two retreats with accommodations, unlimited personal and community growth.  $2,400.

You are warmly invited to contact me if you have questions. I hope you'll join us.


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One of the best decisions I have ever made was to join the Badass Mamas circle. I had things I wanted to achieve that I was afraid of, and some emotional wounds that had been around since becoming a mother. And an ache of loneliness and feeling misunderstood. Badass Mamas helped me grow into who I want to be, helped me make some hard decisions, and helped me parent the way I want to.
— Hillary
Jenni held a sacred space that allowed me to grieve, heal some, and grow more fully into the parent and person who serves myself and my family well.
— Nancy
Jenni provided generous opportunity and creative guidance to carve out space, time and intent to reflect and shake off inertia allowing me to invite back old and discover new parts of myself and desires lost to life’s many demands, bringing about greater clarity and presence with my family.  I am grateful to her and the group for the playful support, tears, and laughter these past nine months.
— Kat
I loved getting to know this group of women in this way; such a deep way of knowing, both them and myself.
— Michelle
This was one of the best decisions of my life.
— Amy