Handle Your Anger (in-person)

Handle Your Anger (in-person)


Keep anger from controlling your parenting.

Acknowledge anger, express it responsibly, and find its resolution. Achieve greater acceptance of your anger and become better equipped to move through it. 

Includes five two-hour group meetings and a one-hour individual call with Jenni.

group meetings April 1 - June 3, 2017
12:30-2:30p on 1st and 3rd Saturdays
near Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood
one-on-one call to be scheduled in June

Parents get angrier at our kids than anyone else. Only the people we love the most could frustrate us so much.

We do some of our worst parenting when we’re mad. Our anger gets the better of us and we lose our tempers and our soft hearts. We know better. But knowing better doesn’t always mean we can do better. So how DO we do better, when that’s what it takes to be the parents our children need?

We will explore specific aspects of what frustrates us and how we react when we're angry. 
We'll witness and support each other as we get better acquainted with our own anger and accompanying guilt and shame.
We'll experiment with practices that allow us to be more aware of anger and express it more responsibly.

Inviting Anger  
Expressing Blame-Free Frustration  
Uncovering Your Caring  
Finding Mixed Feelings  
Your Relationship with Anger

I invite you to schedule a free 20 minute introductory call before registering if we've not worked together before or if you'd like to chat about whether this workshop would serve your goals.


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