bold play, deep rest, rich connections

Want a weekend getaway for mani/pedis and mimosas?

This isn’t that :)

Mamas know the importance of self care, but we’re sold a bill of goods when it comes to how to get it.

Real self care includes looking after our physical and mental health, holding onto ourselves even as we care for others, and generously giving and receiving in community.

Real self care is so much more than just getting a break for its own sake. At camp, we will take a break with a purpose, to enact and then carry home patterns and practices that allow us to show up for ourselves and our loved ones, day in and day out.

You could have a weekend away to nourish yourself for the living of a generous, abundant life.

This is that.

Join other mamas in a self-care experience ...old school camp style. We’ll have talks around the campfire, adventure, play, solo rest and reflection, meals together, and coaching and conversation to dive deeply into what practices truly care for us as both people and as parents — so we’re more sustained, invigorated, and healthy.

You’ll come away with the experience of true self care and the insight to carry it into daily life. And you’ll have planted the seeds of relationship with a community of mamas to know and nourish you.

You’re invited to Badass Mamas Camp!

WHEN: Fri-Sun, August 23-25
WHERE: Warm Beach Camp - Stanwood, WA
COST: $320

I'm Jenni Pertuset, your host and a coach for mamas answering the call of parenting. Learn more about Jenni Pertuset and Fulfilling Parenthood.

Being a parent is fierce, joyous, tender and often relentless enterprise of nurturing our children, and it’s an opportunity to face our own monsters and befriend them, to recognize and step into our power and capacity, and to put our best intentions into action.

Being a Badass Mama is living at that intersection of growing ourselves and growing our children. Read the Badass Mama Manifesto.

Find a container for your own growth in service of the person and parent you know you can be, at Badass Mama Camp.

I invite you to join us at Badass Mamas Camp.

Three days of rest, play, and community at sleep-away camp for moms like you.  $320.

You are warmly invited to contact me if you have questions. I hope you'll join us. 

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