play, for real!

I’m so familiar with the idea that play is the work of childhood. But what about adults? How come no one ever asks us to play? Have you felt that twisting ache inside your heart as you arrange play dates for your child, the ache that say, ‘I want a play date, too.”

Oh, I want a play date, too.

Perhaps Jenni heard my plea and answered with a recent Badass Mama's circle about play. And not play as a task, another to-do to add to a list. Jenni strove to take striving out of our playing.

New Year: how's it going?

I’ll have to admit when I sat down for our January 2nd Badass Mama’s meeting, I so thought we’d be discussing goals for the New Year. I’m one of those people that’s often gleeful about the prospect of a fresh start, a calendar ripped out of the cellophane and tacked to the wall, the word “January” in bold print. But that’s not where Jenni led us.