Together, we cultivate resilience, creativity, and compassion in ourselves, our children, and our communities.

Badass Mamas nurture our own capacity to be the people and parents this world needs.

Badass Mamas are POWERFUL
We act on our best intentions and get shit done. 

Badass Mamas are CONFIDENT
We claim our power and believe in our own value and capability. 

Badass Mamas are CARING
Badass Mamas provide generously and receiving graciously. We are healers and nurturers.

Badass Mamas are FIERCE
We own our intensity and our anger; they are the fire that forges justice and transformation.

Badass Mamas are TENDER
We embrace the vulnerable and emotional human experience. We welcome raw feelings in ourselves, our families, and others. 

Badass Mamas are COURAGEOUS
We are bold and brave for ourselves, our children, and our communities. We act despite our fears and discomfort.

Badass Mamas are WHOLE
We claim all the parts of ourselves, even where they contradict each other. We invite others' differences of being and experience and are curious and compassionate about differences of opinion because we are all in this together.

Badass Mamas cultivate a world of growing, feeling, connected, capable people.

Badass Mamas LOVE
We nourish and protect relationships, first and foremost.

Badass Mamas NURTURE
We raise our children not by shaping them into who we want them to be, but by helping them grow into who they were born to be. 

Badass Mamas GRIEVE
We feel the sadness of our failed efforts and unfulfilled longings. We release what what we wish would be to reveal what is actually before us.

Badass Mamas REST
We recover and renew our efforts, restoring our strength for the work we are called to do.

Our work begins in our families and extends into our communities and beyond to create a more just, inclusive, and compassionate world.

Badass Mamas are heroes, not martyrs. We reject the celebration of mothers' service and sacrifice without support. Our heroism is communal.

We are for each other as we seek to reach our fullest human potential, help our children grow, and create the world we long for.

We honor work and rest and the cyclical nature of experience. We don't strive for balance but invite ebb and flow, moving through rhythms and seasons of action and retreat, grief and renewal.  

We work together toward transformative growth for ourselves and our children to create an inclusive, just, and compassionate world.

Becoming a mother changes your world. Being a BADASS MAMA makes you a world changer. Let's change the world, together.