Being a grown-up while you’re growing kids up? It’s hard.

Find new approaches to old problems in a setting that honors community, compassion, and creativity. Because sometimes what keeps us from being the parents we want to be isn’t that we don’t get our kids, it’s that we’re struggling to live up to our own best intentions.

Workshops include deep discussion, and reflective exercises during and between meetings. In person, your work will call for thought, writing, and conversation. On your own, exercises include specific actions to take and practices to adopt. Conversations and assignments may be very personal and tender, but will protect your privacy and vulnerability.

Jenni was masterful in holding sacred space for all those who needed to express some sensitive emotions, as well as holding gentle but clear boundaries.
— Eebie

Guiding Early Teens

Navigate early adolescence with confidence and community.

Lead with the strengths you bring to the struggles of early adolescence. Includes workshops on anxiety, aggression, loneliness, conformity, and rebellion.

This six-part series is lead by parent coach Jenni Pertuset and hosted by Friends of Salmon Bay.

Starts March 6, 2019.

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Claiming Your Anger


Keep anger from controlling your parenting.

Acknowledge anger, express it responsibly, and find its resolution. Achieve greater acceptance of your anger and become better equipped to move through it. 

Starts May 11, 2019.

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Taking the Lead


Become a bold, self-assured parent.

Parenting is a form of leadership, and leaders inspire trust. Help your children trust in your direction and rest in your care. An inner attitude of confidence allows you to provide comfort and set boundaries, knowing that sometimes you’ll get it wrong, but that what you do is less important than who you are — and who you are is just the right parent for your child.

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