Parenting is a hero's journey. Let me help you on your quest.

I can’t begin to imagine what parenting my two daughters would be like without Jenni’s counsel, support and insight. I would not be the confident parent I am now without her.
— Sharon

I support your parenting and personal growth

I can be your guide if you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, isolated, exhausted, or helpless — whether you need help to understand what’s going on for your child or take action to get yourself unstuck.

Whether it’s quick re-orienting or a deep connection to your inner compass, I can help you travel your path as the person and parent you long to be.

Feeling a little lost?

Let’s talk. I invite you to book a free 20-minute session for brief coaching that will both give you immediate insight into what's needed to get you and your family on the right path, and help you decide whether working with me is the support you need. FREE.
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Find your path

When you’re feeling off-track and out of ideas, a solution-oriented session helps you find your way in the wilderness. We’ll shift a particular problem with new insight, new ideas, new actions. Some challenges require longer term solutions, but if you just need an SOS! we can make headway on an intractable problem, reflect together on a tough choice, or solve a small issue. $100.
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If you’re a new client, please schedule a free intro call first.

We’ll walk around Green Lake for an informal walking consult. Come with what's challenging you and leave with a gut check, perspective shift, confidence boost, and practical advice. I won’t be taking notes, so it's up to you to hold on to what you take from our time together, but the informality allows me to offer this at a lower cost. $80.
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If you’re a new client, please schedule a free intro call first.

Seek a guide

Why three months? In my experience, it requires attending to a desired shift regularly and repeatedly to make a significant change. After three months, you will have gained new insight and new information, and begun to integrate both into your being and your body. Full embodiment can take longer, but when you set out on the path with guidance and support you can make meaningful progress in 3 months. Then we’ll reassess your path, and decide whether you feel equipped to travel on your own or if ongoing or occasional company and guidance would continue to feel useful.

What’s the advantage? Committing to a period of coaching allows you more robust and consistent support than a series of single sessions, and at a lower cost. In three months, you can access up to 6 coaching sessions of 55 minutes each, up to 6 quick connect calls of 15 minutes each, and impromptu text support for quick celebrations or challenges. For use within three months of purchase.

for parenting problems
Your child may be aggressive, demanding, angry, uncooperative, or anxious. You might be hoping to feel less angry or more confident in your parenting. Or you might just know something’s wrong but you’re not sure what to do about it. Get support on your own, or as a parenting team.

for your own self discovery
If you’re wondering “How did I get here?” I can support you in getting into relationship with your anger; examining your relationship with emotional, mental, and domestic labor; easing your own anxiety, finding meaning beyond motherhood; or other areas of your own growth.

Three months of coaching for parenting and (or) personal growth. $500.

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Draw a new map

Get a view from above your day-to-day parenting terrain. Raise your perspective to take in the whole thing: beauty, perils, and all. Through a guided process of ritual, inquiry, visioning, planning, and problem-solving, you’ll plot your aims and develop a connection to your inner guide to navigate your parenting path.
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Like a route plan for your life, develop your compelling vision for your life and a plan of action to make it happen. I’ll lead you through a clear, concise process to connect vision to action in two 90-minute sessions — expect homework — and one 15-minute follow up on your Grand Plan Status (GPS) to check in on your vision & action. Great for annual or seasonal planning. $250.

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Life Alignment is also available as a 4-hour mini retreat onsite for your group of up to 6 people. $500. Connect with me to chat about fit for you and your group.

WEEKLY GPS CALLS can help you stay on track following your completion of Life Alignment. Fifteen-minute call to align vision and action, every week (up to 5/mo). $30 per month.

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